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Our Startup Exhibitors

casper drone

At Casper Drones, our research has proven that most people consider drones loud and dangerous. We are here to provide paradigm-shifting hardware and software to dramatically improve upon this status quo. Our product, Casper - The Friendly Drone, is a first-of-its-kind bladeless ducted fan drone. Its architecture enables virtual silence, safety from propellers, improved reliability, and “plug-and-play” compatibility for traditional multi-rotor payloads.

delta hawk

DeltaHawk Engines, Inc. is designing and building a family of truly innovative, patented Jet-fuel (heavy fuel) powered engines. This disruptive technology is a clean-sheet design for the UAS and General Aviation markets and is unique in many ways including its simplicity, light weight and compact size.

drone dek

DroneDek, mailbox of the future, patent issued! Any Drone Delivered item to a receptacle must rely on the DroneDek Patent! Don't miss out on harnessing this gateway technology. Worldwide protection to some 4 billion addresses; every home and business in the industrialized world. Quite possibly the largest market opportunity in the world today! www.dronedek.com

drone tech

DroneTechUAV presents the world’s first: Moving Shipborne Operable; Commercial, Civil & Defense multi-purpose; Payload (Applications) Flexible; Engine Flexible Gas/Electric and Single/Twin; Fuel-Battery Interchangeable; Highly Reliable, Fully Redundant; Runway or Vertical Take Off 100% Autonomous, 1 Hour Convertible UAV. And highest: Internal Volume, Payload Capacity, Endurance, and Cost effectiveness in its class.


Jetoptera is an aviation startup with a unique integrated airframe and revolutionary propulsion system to be deployed in UAVs and flying cars. Our unique capability profile includes VTOL, high speeds, large payloads, maneuverability and endurance.


NuMotor Technologies has built revolutionary internal combustion engines ideally suited for hybrid-electric vehicle, unmanned vehicle and portable power applications. Engines using both light and heavy fuels have been demonstrated from 1 to 800 shaft horsepower. Heavy fuel powered gensets have been demonstrated with extremely high power to weight ratios.


Precision Imaging Corp. brings accurate 3D views of reality to users in real-time by locating each pixel in space within every frame. This unique view supports industries spanning oil & gas, security, site inspection, and many others. Current customers include oil & gas, aerospace, and defense markets.


Survae brings the power of data to video through its cloud-based platform, providing powerful map and metadata-based search, video playback and open support for aerial, ground or submarine data-enabled video and imagery for the commercial and consumer markets. www.survae.com/home/